My experience and knowledge of the real estate sector.

Knowledge of the Industry

I began studying Real Estate BSc at the University of Reading in 2016. This is where I began my journey into the world of property. My first year was an exciting time, meeting people from a range of backgrounds and learning the basics of the industry which I aspired to work in. The assignments became more challenging in second year, this is where I identified my strengths and my interests. My numerical ability assisted with the investment and valuation orientated modules; I also enjoyed the asset management aspect of real estate. I was intrigued by the strategies that may be applied to maximise the value of a property, or an estate.

As a result, in my third year I chose to specialise in Real Estate Appraisal and Asset Management, with additional modules in investment based subjects. Third year was the most challenging, but I enjoyed the level of work required and my interest in the content kept me motivated.

To get a better idea of what I learnt during my degree, please check out some of my work by clicking here.

Experience in the Property Sector

I began seeking experience in the property sector during my second year at university. I was able to secure a 4-week internship and Capital and Counties in London as well as 2 weeks of work experience at KWB in Birmingham. It was interesting to see how my learning could be applied to real life scenarios in the workplace, and I think these experiences inspired me during my third year as I valued the skills I was learning. It was particularly interesting to get an insight into how Capco managed their estate, as they owned the majority of Covent Garden.

Following university, I began working as an Assistant Surveyor at Cushman and Wakefield. This role was in the Global Occupier Services department of the company, working on the Sainsbury's Supermarkerts portfolio. I've thoroughly enjoyed the position and I've developed my understanding and knowledge of this branch of real estate. The role requires direct contact with the clients as well as their contractors to progress matters, this has enabled me to develop and enhance relationships within my network. I've taken on many responsbilities and it's been great to receive positive feedback from my colleagues as well as my clients.

The pandemic was very disruptive for my team but also a tremendous learning curve. There were a lot of uncertainties, so we had to navigate the situation with great care and adapt quickly as the regulations changed. Not only was my client seeking the maximum value, we also had to be considerate of the company's public reputation.

We have recently had a restructure of the team which gave me more responsibilities and a broader range of work. Whilst I was previously working on the Non-Operational portfolio, acting as the landlord, I am now also working on the supermarket portfolio, acting as the tenant on behalf of my client. The new structure has increased my workload and my exposure which is benefitting my personal development. It's also great to build closer relationships with my colleagues and the client.