My early education and core strengths.


I value my upbringing very highly; I believe it has had a significant influence on the person I am today as it developed some of my core strengths early on in my life. I am the joint youngest of 5 children, along with my twin brother, Joel (who helped me build this website). Growing up in such a large family was great fun and there was always something going on.

As you would expect, there were many disagreements between my siblings. However, these disagreements were quickly resolved between ourselves. This taught me to become a patient and understanding individual, and I have learned to appreciate different perspectives and seek mutual solutions. These are skills which I’ve found to be invaluable when working with peers and colleagues.

With so much going on in the household, I learnt from an early age that it was ultimately up to me to get something if I wanted it. Whether that be getting help with my homework, finding a way to entertain myself, or cooking something to eat. I learnt to put more time and focus into my homework before waiting for help, I used my creativity to keep myself occupied and I learnt to cook for myself. Cooking has since become a passion of mine. This taught me to be intuitive and independent, this is also a skill which has developed as I've applied it to my previous roles.

These strengths all contribute to what I believe is my greatest strength, and that is teamwork.


Throughout my earlier education, I was always in competition with my close-knit group of friends. I was particularly fond of maths and the sciences, and my ability in these subjects was certainly improved by the competitive environment. It encouraged me to push myself and the motivation allowed me to enjoy the work.

I later developed a desire to learn more about the world around me, I chose to study business and economics at GCSE and A-level as I thought this would give me the basic knowledge required to thrive in a range of careers, and possibly allow me to begin my own venture. I also chose Geography to gain a deeper insight into the relationships between people and their environment. My final A-level option was Maths, I enjoy the challenge of solving mathematical problems and it has always been my strongest subject. In sixth form, I took part in the Senior Mathematical Challenge and after achieving the best result in school, I was invited to take part in the national Senior Kangaroo maths challenge.

The knowledge acquired from these subjects gave me a great start to my degree in Real Estate BSc at the University of Reading.

Gap Year

Before beginning my degree, I spent a year working and travelling. Many of my older peers had strongly recommended taking this opportunity whilst I was young and free of responsibilities, and I'm so grateful I did. The year was packed with life changing experiences, in which I developed new skills, and absorbed a diverse range of cultures.

To save for my trip, I had worked part time in my local fish and chips shop throughout sixth form, and I worked in a factory for the summer prior to my flight out to Australia. Whilst I felt responsible and mature enough for the trip, it was a huge step to part with my family for such a long period, particularly my twin who I’d rarely spent more than a few days away from.

Once I arrived in Australia, I had only a few days before I journeyed into the outback and began my farming training. I quickly settled into my new surroundings and got to grips with the work required on the farms. I was then placed on a 120,000-acre farm! The lifestyle here was truly unique and unlike anything I had experienced before. I was often working alone with a lot of responsibilities, this required me be intuitive and developed a strong work ethic. After I had completed 88 days (the required amount to qualify for a second-year visa), I was ready to embrace civilisation again..

I returned to Sydney just in time for Christmas and New Year's Eve! Whilst it was a magical experience, the extortionate costs had stripped me of my hard-earned cash, meaning it was time to find another job. I began working as a Kitchen Porter in an Italian restaurant on Bondi Beach. I loved the intensity of the kitchen at times, and unexpectedly developed friendships with the Italian chefs. I met countless people during my time here and many of them remain friends today.

Once I had restored my bank balance, I began the travelling part of my year. I headed up the east coast of Australia, stopping at an array of landmarks. The most enjoyable memory day was skydiving, although the picture would suggest otherwise. I continued from Cairns to Bali, then Singapore where I met up with a friend from home to accompany me for the last few weeks of travelling through South-East Asia.

I returned home, but not for long as I was soon heading off to Utah to begin the summer working as a Camp Counsellor. This role was intense but highly rewarding and I have so many amazing memories from my time there. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced to develop high levels of responsibility as well as enthusiasm.