Extracurricular activites, hobbies and interests.


Sport has always played a large part in my life. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the competitiveness, I also believe sport is a great way to keep physically and mentally healthy. I began playing hockey in my teen years, progressing to the Men's 1st team at my local club before leaving for my gap year and university. I knew I wanted to play hockey at university and signed up at my first opportunity.

Hockey became a huge part of my lifestyle; it was great to play the sport I love with peers who were equally passionate about the game. It was also a great way to develop my network as it was such a social club with over 100 members from a range of backgrounds.

As I was so involved with the club in my first two years of university, I put myself forward for the role of President and fortunately, I was elected to run the club with my close friend assisting me as Vice President. This brought many challenges and responsibilities, but it was a valuable learning experience. A highlight for me was running the Movember charity campaign. Myself and the Vice President put ourselves forward for the student fight night and liaised with the hosts to arrange for a portion of our ticket sales to go to charity. We also encouraged the club members to grow their best moustache to raise awareness of the cause and seek donations. The participation from the club members was amazing and we ended up raising over £3,000! Far more than I had initially expected.

I've recently moved to Rugby and I've joined the local club (although it's a very different experience with the current conditions!)

Board Games

My friends and I often play a game of some sort when we get together. As we've grown up, this has transitioned from computer games to board games and card games, which I’m a huge advocate for. I love complex games which require strategic thinking to outwit the opponents, I also find that it creates a more social environment to catch up with one another.

I'm confident that my strategic thinking and tactical mindset has benefitted greatly from my regular participation and enjoyment of these types of games. And I think these are skillsets which can be transferred into the world of property.

My current favourite is Catan, as shown in the picture. I was introduced to this game last year and quickly bought my own version. In this game, each player begins with a settlement in a chosen location on an island and builds using resources collected from nearby (it's best to learn as you play). It requires situational analysis and negotiation to get ahead.


As well as technology, I also have interest in sustainability. And for similar reasons. It is becoming increasingly important to focus on sustainability at home and in the workplace. I am conscious of my impact on the environment and I take precautions to reduce this impact where possible.

The property sector accounts for approximately 40% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. I am far from having the solution to this major problem, but it is clear that sustainability must be incorporated into the property sector within the next few decades. I think that adopting a mindset which orientated towards a sustainable future will greatly assist the transition required.